Small Bio

Born in Argentina on May 28th 1989, I was raised to the south of the City of Buenos Aires and went to school at St. Georges College. I first became interested in Economics in High School, doing the Econ sequence of the IB with professor Dwerryhouse, who encouraged us to read and understand the economic news in the local newspapers. This made me aware of the huge role that Economics plays on every day life, and motivated me to understand the world, its problems and (hopefully) how to fix them. I went on to study Economics at Universidad de San Andres, where I got a bachelor (top of my class) and a masters degree. I got interested in empirical work upon being hired as Research Assistant for Professor Sebastian Galiani (Ph.D.) and as Research Manager in J-Pal for an year. In that time, I got to work on day-care programs for working moms in Mexico, on a hand-washing campaign in Peru, on a youth-lead non-profit organization that builds houses for the poor all over Latin America, and even conducted a lab experiment about the Political Coase Theorem (my first co-authoring experience). After that, I went on to pursue my PhD at UCLA. I'm now in the fourth year of the program, working towards my Dissertation. My research interests are in Labor and Education and my main advisors are Drs. Leah Platt Boustan and Adriana Lleras-Muney.